Japanese contemporary music/sound art evenings with associated cultural exchange programme.

The Japanese Sakura Festival has been held annually since 2007 over a weekend at the end of April when the cherry trees lining Langelinie are in blossom. The festival caters to a broad audience with a general interest for Japan. In 2014, an estimated 17,000 people attended.

Cherry Music Festival is a festival for Japanese contemporary music and sound art in connection with the annual Sakura Festival.

Cherry Music Festival will take place in Asia House by Langelinie on the same days as the Sakura Festival after their programmed events are finished. Asia House is ideal for Cherry Music not only for its proximity to Langelinie, but also for its unique historical significance and excellent acoustics.

Although Cherry Music Festival is open for all, it is particularly aimed at Sakura Festival visitors and should be considered as a natural extension of the day’s events for those who are interested in experiencing Japanese music and aural art. The audience will also include specially invited guests such as embassy officials, Japan-related businesses, Japanese students and other Japanese interest groups.

As well as being a public event, the project will also help create a basis for a cultural exchange between Japan and Denmark, with aesthetics as the highest common denominator.

A series of cultural meetings will be held both before and after the festival period. Here, the participating Japanese artists will have the opportunity to meet Danish musicians and sound artists with an interest in Japan, for mutual inspiration and possible artistic partnerships. These meetings are by invitation only and intended for specially selected artists and industry figures.

The Cherry Music project has been created by producer/composer Thomas Li.

Cherry Music Festival is planned with the support of the Japanese embassy
and the Sakura Festival committee.

ROSA, the Danish Rock Council who are responsible for events such as SPOT festival and a wide range of other concert activities relating to musical development, are also involved in the project and support it through consultancy work.


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